Noodlemania Our 2nd Annual on January 12, 2014


Get ready for another unique culinary tasting experience, from Vancouver Foodster who brought you the successful the first Noodle Mania event in 2013 along with the Tasting Plates Vancouver events.

Guests will have a chance to taste all types of noodles from chow mein to spaghetti to ramen, udon, pad thai and more. Touring many ethnic eateries and tasting noodle dishes from American, Chinese, Filipino, Japanese, Korean,Indian, Italian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Thai, Vietnamese, and more.

Early Bird Tickets on sale now until November 30th!

Watch for the line-up of restaurants unveiled in early December.

Noodle Mania 2013

On Sunday January 13, 2013 we presented a new event, similar to our Tasting Plates events, this one was all about noodles.

Each of the restaurants that were invited by Richard Wolak to participate had served up a couple of different noodle dishes as Tasting Bowls or Plates for guests to enjoy. Guests then had a chance to visit many different types of restaurants throughout the event, meet some new food loving friends, meet the chefs, and learn about each of the participating restaurants.

Beef Pho (noodle soup) with rare beef, beef balls and beef brisket at Hai Phong Restaurant

Shrimp & crab paste noodle soup with tofu puff, Vietnamese ham and shrimp at Hai Phong Restaurant

Soft Tropical Rainstorm (l) and Sliding down the Sanddunes (r) at Chau Veggie Express

Cajun Cream Chicken on Linguini and Makers Mac’n Cheese at Fet’s Bar & Grill

Pad See-Iw with fried rice noodles with broccoli & egg and Pad Thai at Urban Thai Bistro

Spaghetti in Pinot Grigio, Olive Oil, fresh Garlic & Chillies-Vegetarian and Pappardelle Rosse -Home-made Tomato Sauce with an assorted Meat Ragu at Yaletown L’Antipasto

DIY fish soup: lobster bisque broth with rice noodles at Soho Tea Room

Satay vegetarian ham & enoki fried rice noodle at Soho Tea Room

KANOM JEEN with Minced fish (Tuna) curry over rice noodles and raw vegetables and PAD THAI with fried rice noodles, traditional tamarind sauce, fish sauce (may contain shellfish), sugar, tofu, peanuts, egg, garlic chive and bean sprouts at Bob Likes Thai Food

Spaghetini Campana at Novo Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Bacon Cheeseburger Mac and The Veggie at The Mac Shack

Participating restaurants included: Hai Phong Restaurant, Chau Veggie Express, Fet’s Bar & Grill, Urban Thai Bistro, Yaletown L’Antipasto, Soho Tea Room, Bob Likes Thai Food, Novo Pizzeria & Wine Bar and The Mac Shack.

Novus TV Noodle Mania feature filmed on location with Richard Wolak touring 3 eateries for their #FoodFinds show.

Chefs at The Mac Shack

Inside The Mac Shack

Inside Hai Phong Restaurant

Inside Chau Veggie Express

Inside Fet’s Bar & Grill

Inside Urban Thai Bistro

Inside Yaletown L’Antipasto

Inside Soho Tea Room

Inside Bob Likes Thai Food

Inside Novo Pizzeria & Wine Bar

Before the noodles tasting adventure began, guests were treated to sample some of the different teas at ShakTea Tea Lounge where everyone registered for the event.

The restaurants featured many unique and tasty noodle dishes to our guests throughout the event.

Thank you to our photographer Alvin Lee for capturing the night so well (see more photos here)

By: Richard Wolak

Noodle Mania January 13

Tantalize your taste buds at several restaurants throughout Vancouver! This tasting extravaganza goes from 3pm until 8pm and is presented by Vancouver Foodster. You will taste all types of noodles from chow mein to spaghetti to mac & cheese, pho, pad thai, Pappardelle and more. Touring many ethnic eateries and tasting noodle dishes including American, Chinese, Hong Kong, Italian, Southern, Taiwanese, Thai, Vietnamese, and more.

Each restaurant will be serving up a couple of different noodle dishes as Tasting Bowls or Plates for guests to enjoy and you will have a chance to visit many different types of restaurants throughout the event, meet some new food loving friends, meet the chefs, and learn about each of the participating restaurants.

If you haven’t been to our previous Tasting Plates events, Novus TV featured one of our recent events on City Lights (view here).

  • Vegetarian options will be available at many of the participating restaurants.
  • Bring along a friend or two, your significant other, your family or come solo.
  • A food networking event connecting Vancouver’s vibrant food community.
  • This is an all ages event and everyone is welcome.
  • Visit each of the participating restaurants at your leisure by bike, moped, car, transit, walking, or carpooling.

Registration: Shaktea at 3702 Main Street -this is where you will show us your printed or digital tickets and will pick up your Noodle Mania Cards.

Participating restaurants:


3702 Main Street


Twitter: @ShakteaVan

Cuisine: Tea

Shaktea is an eclectic boutique-style tearoom and tea merchant specializing in fine quality loose leaf tea from around the world. Our collection of loose leaf tea has been selected based directly on the influences of our many travels and time spent with mentors and tea experts from around the world, who have generously taken their time to educate us and deepen our appreciation  for the art of tea. We offer a diverse selection of teas and tisanes from prestigious regions of China, India, Sri Lanka, Japan, Africa, and Nepal, including organic, biodynamic, and fair-trade selections. All tea is prepared according to it’s specific requirements and served to you so the first sip is just as great as the last!

Urban Thai Bistro

1119 Hamilton St, Vancouver


Twitter: @UrbanThai

Cuisine: Thai

Urban Thai is an international Thai inflected Bistro serving Contemporary Thai Cuisine with a Twist where you can sample progressive Thai Cuisine with evocative contemporary flavours. Located in the trendy Yaletown district, their menu offers a wide array of all the popular Thai classics dishes. Enjoy flavourful food in a dynamic atmosphere alive with the sights and sounds of an unforgettable dining experience.

CHAU veggiexpress – Vegetarian Eatery

5052 Victoria Drive, Vancouver


Twitter: @chowatCHAU

Cuisine: Vietnamese

CHAU veggiexpress is a local community based vegetarian eatery serving primarily vegan dishes inspired by our Vietnamese roots in family and culture. By preserving traditional Vietnamese flavors and serving local source produce, CVE serves local families in the communities through its initiatives in food security, sustainability, consciousness and education one veggie meal at a time.

Bob Likes Thai Food 

1521 West Broadway St,(@Granville) Vancouver


Twitter: @Boblikethaifood

Cuisine: Thai

If you’ve been to Thailand, you’ve met Bob. He can’t get enough of the food. He’ll go out of his way to get the best PAD THAI; He’ll travel up the river for 3 hours to find the best FISH CAKES. Bob likes good Thai food. Fresh with flavour, seasonal, authentic…

Hai Phong Restaurant

1246 Kingsway, Vancouver


Twitter: @HaiPhongVan

Cuisine: Vietnamese

Soho Tea Room

3466 Cambie Street, Vancouver

Tel: 604-873-3686


Twitter: @SohoTeaRoom

Cuisine: Hong Kong & Taiwanese

Soho Tea Room is our newest addition to the “tea room” family! It’s the revival of Flo Tea Room on Granville!  The interior features bright walls, modern warm woods & delicious Hong Kong & Taiwanese food & drinks, snacks, desserts, and of course bubble tea. Our chef Hong masterfully brings back our most popular western HK style dish: baked pork chops with cheese on rice & our most popular noodle soup bowl: the szechuan beef noodles.  We will have a liquor license very soon as well!

Yaletown L’Antipasto

1127 Mainland Street,  Vancouver

Tel: (604) 558-1174


Twitter: @Lantipasto

Cuisine: Italian

L’Antipasto is Yaletown’s only Italian Tapas wine bar, a family-run, authentic Italian restaurant. We source the highest quality imported ingredients from Italy & combine them with seasonal ingredients.

Fets Bar & Grill

1230 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Tel:(604) 255-7771


Twitter: @fetsgrill

Cuisine: Southern Comfort Food

From Pasta to many other Southern dishes. They have more than 360 different whiskies and have the largest selection in the city.


Novo Pizzeria & Wine Bar

2118 Burrard Street, Vancouver

Tel: (604) 736-2220


Twitter: @NOVOPizzeria

Cuisine: Italian

Novo Pizzeria and wine bar specializes in authentic Neapolitan pizza, with a fresh selection of antipasti and pasta.  We also have a wine bar with a varied selection of wine by the glass.

The Mac Shack

5395 West Boulevard, Vancouver

Tel: 604-267-4225


Twitter: @the_Mac_Shack

Cuisine: American

Purchase tickets via Eventbrite:

Advance Tickets: $35 per person (eventbrite fee extra). $100 for 4 pak of tickets or $135 for 6 pak of tickets (get a group of your friends/family together and save by purchasing a 4 pak or a 6 pak (eventbrite fee extra). Tickets $45 per person (eventbrite fee extra) after January 10th.

Ticket price includes tasting bowls or plates at each of the participating restaurants throughout the evening. A donation of $3 from each ticket purchased will go to support Project Limelight Society.

Charity Partner


Note: ALL Tickets must be purchased in advance online. All ticket sales are final. No exchanges or refunds; however they are transferrable with printed proof of ticket.  Event produced by CMI Chat Media Inc